Targeted buy-side advisory

Black Diamond Mergers & Acquisitions offers full service buy-side advisory. We help clients identify and execute a growth strategy through acquisition(s). Our professionals have successfully advised and executed searches for companies that create value for the acquiring shareholders. 

Our team starts the process by analyzing target companies to determine a strategic fit for the client. We then evaluate what the target is worth through various valuation methodologies. Next, we identify options for financing and work with the client to further research the target, looking for the best possible fit.

Black Diamond Mergers & Acquisitions is an essential extension of a client’s corporate development process as we evaluate targets that add value for all stakeholders.

Buy-side advisory steps

Here is what your typical buy-side advisory process might look like:

  1. Define Target Objectives
  2. Engage Interested Parties
  3. Execute Confidentiality Agreement and Review Financials
  4. Rank Companies Based on Objectives
  5. Draft Letter(s) of Intent
  6. Engage Attorney
  7. Negotiate Contract and Obtain Financing
  8. Close the Deal