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What Makes Black Diamond Different?

Unlike single-offering commercial real estate firms, Black Diamond Capital Advisory Firm has the ability to seamlessly package multiple properties and businesses to create proposals that are more attractive to investors and sellers of all sizes. This one-stop approach gives our listings a competitive advantage in both traditional and non-traditional commercial real estate markets.

With more than a decade of commercial real estate experience, our team has completed over $100 million in transactions in multiple states.


Unlocking the maximum value of your business or holdings requires looking at all assets and determining where the value lies.  Often times, the real estate portfolio can be as valuable or more than the on-going business to a buyer who may have a different vision for the facilities and/or property. With Black Diamond’s experience, we can assist you in determining the correct value for your assets and get it in front of the right potential buyers through our tested direct marketing strategies.


Focusing on value and potential allows Black Diamond to help you meet your commercial real estate and business goals.  We listen to your plans and strategies in order to search for properties where value and location allow you to be opportunistic in gaining a competitive advantage.  We can help buyers find properties that provide returns for investors and strategic locations for business owners.  We are ready to help you put your capital to work!


Black Diamond Capital Advisory Firm has strategies that allow both property owners and investors to meet their goals. We want to talk to you about how strategically utilizing land and facilities can provide investment income, tax advantages, and cash flow to investors and put a passive asset to work for business owners.

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