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Who We Are


"Black Diamond Capital Advisory Firm was created as a result of my life being at an intersection of finding God’s plan for me and my desire to acquire a business. In 2012, I began searching for a business to acquire and going through the process, I realized how frustrating it can be to try and find a business to purchase. There must be a better way, I thought… a way that is more professional. I presented a plan in which I would create Black Diamond to help others avoid the frustrations that I encountered when I was trying to buy a business.

The name Black Diamond did not come from my skiing skills, or I would have named the company, Green Circle! Instead, I was helping a friend move to a new house one weekend, and he had some ski poles branded “Black Diamond”. I liked the name, and it stuck…As we build our culture, we must always remind ourselves that we are unique because we are diligent, professional, and creative problem solvers. The drive and motivation to get the job done must be present each and every day. When I think of what we want to be, I always think of going the extra mile – doing more to lead when others sit back and let someone else dictate the course of action."

Christian Baldwin
Managing Director