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Self-Guided Business

Preparation Program

In times of economic uncertainty, embarking on a comprehensive Business Preparation Program is vital for business owners.

If you currently feel overwhelmed or lack control, our program is designed to offer assistance.

Whether you are a new business owner looking to establish a strong foundation or contemplating the sale or exit of your business within the next 2 years, our program provides essential guidance and insights.

Are you looking for a business loan to restructure debt or facilitate expansion through acquisition, our program can address the necessary organization for these financing needs.

Need a larger space and plan to relocate, our program offers seamless solutions that will put your business ahead of other applicants.


If any of these scenarios apply to you, our Self-Guided Business Preparation Program is the optimal solution. Take advantage of this simplified, step-by-step program to position your business for long-term success. To discover more about this program and the exclusive bonus items available, please click on the link below.


“We recently went through Black Diamond’s Business Preparation Program to organize our business and refinance our loan. We can confidently say that it was one of the best decisions we’ve ever made.  The program provided us with a comprehensive framework for assessing the strength, weaknesses, and processes of our business, identifying areas that needed improvement, and developing a solid snapshot of our business that would appeal to lenders. With all our documents in one place, it’s been very easy to focus on key factors that lenders consider when evaluating loan refinancing applications. Overall, I would highly recommend using Black Diamond’s Business Preparation program to anyone who is looking to expand their business and needs lender financing. It was an invaluable resource that gave us the confidence and tools to succeed.”

Corey Osborne, CEO Shake's Frozen Custard

If you are interested in learning more about how this program can position your business for success, schedule a 15-minute call below:


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Self-Guided Business Preparation Program to position your business for the ultimate success.

With more than a decade in the mergers & acquisitions industry, we've seen deals fall through, businesses get rejected for expansion loans and even miss out on their dream location because they weren't able to readily and quickly gain access to important documents.


Self-Guided Business Preparation Program



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