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Business Preparation

How to WOW Buyers, Lenders and Landlords

Christian Baldwin, August 8 2023

Hey everyone, my name is Christian Baldwin, and I am with Black Diamond Mergers and Acquisitions. I hope you're doing great today! I want to talk about a topic that's geared toward business owners, and it is regarding getting your business in top shape for organizational

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Commerical Real Estate

Reading the Tea Leaves: Interest Rates & Real Estate

Allen K, August 2 2023

Introduction Hi, I'm Allen Kitterman. I am the Commercial Real Estate Leader with Black Diamond Mergers and Acquisitions. Everything I want to talk about today is information I hope that you already know but, if not, it's just something to bring to your attention to have on your radar. I had a bunch of graphs I wanted to talk about but whenever...

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