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Investment Banking

Capital raising refers to a process through which a company raises funds from external sources to achieve its strategic goals, such as investment in its own business development, or investment in other assets, for example, M&A, joint ventures, and strategic partnerships.

Our seasoned professionals, with extensive experience in investment banking and financial markets, are well-equipped to guide clients through complex transactions and deliver tailored solutions that align with their unique goals.

Capital Raising

If this is something you're interested in, Black Diamond can help.

One of the advantages of debt financing is that you can get additional capital for growth without giving up equity in your company.

Additionally, it is easy to forecast expenses because loan payments do not fluctuate.

Debt Financing


A placement is a way for listed companies to raise equity capital via an offer of new shares to investors.

Placements are advantageous as they have fewer disclosure and reporting requirements than other forms of equity capital raises. This means companies can complete a placement quickly - generally within days or weeks, rather than months.  

Equity Placement

Financial Restructuring

With our expertise, experience, insights, and strategic change management tools, we can collaborate with you to deliver the required change, including corporate restructuring: financial and operational, and value creation to restore your organization’s competitive position. We can also assist you in managing pre-emptive step chances to manage potential future threats.